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The chart says it all! *

This is a chart of my portfolio (blue) vs. the S&P (red). As you can see, there was a very fundamental change in my results versus the S&P beginning on May 25, ... the day I started using The Machine!

Dave L.,
Columbus OH

The Machine is the best resource I've found to help me improve my performance and increase my

I've been an RIA for over 10 years and The Machine is the best resource I've found to help me improve my performance and increase my assets under management. The use of statistically validated portfolios with perfectly defined entry and exit points has allowed me to put structure around my practice.

Investment Advisor
Rochester, NY

The Machine is a turnkey solution for money managers, or individual investors. With this, and a lawyer to help set up an RIA, anyone can enter the business. *

This may be the only commercially available software that allows for portfolio level testing. This function is critical to how money is managed in the real world, yet is a capability that usually requires custom programming.

Mike Carr, CMT
Editor, Market Technicians Association

I cannot envision ever going back to the way I traded before The Machine. *

My experience with the Machine dates back to August 2009. I now have enough experience with The Machine to know that look back results mirror actual results.

The Machine has reduced my preparation and trading time to a bare minimum. More importantly, it gives me confidence to make emotion free trades...

Billy K.
Phoenix, Maryland

My portfolio is up > 12% in the first 6 months, and the returns and percentage winners are close to the advertised level. *

I am a full time physician, so while trading is one of my passions, I cannot devote more than 30 minutes a day to active trading. My investment in The Machine has already been covered several times over, and I have remained active in the process without losing sleep. I heartily recommend it.


In my view, The Machine is a complete solution because, first, it uses great strategies - the strategies within The Machine have great historical results and they're robust; *

Second, I can build portfolios based on data; and, third, I can easily execute the trades in my portfolio.

Ariel Rosenfeld
Kfar Saba, Israel

It's been exactly 3 months since I started using The Machine. Convenient time to assess progress. In the 3 months since I've been using the machine, I'm up 11.8% on account. *

The S&P is down 3.5%...
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Columbus, Ohio

As an investment advisor, I know how difficult it can be at times eliminating subjectivity and emotion when making investment decisions... *

Having the ability to create custom portfolios that historically have produced positive returns every year with low draw-downs, helps advisors customize portfolios to meet each client's investment goals and objectives.

The Machine is also ideal for intermediate and long-term investors looking to use quantified trend following strategies...

Retired Investment Advisor

Before I had access to The Machine, I spent hours pouring over charts...Now, I look at The Machine before the opening, put in my trades and enjoy the rest of my day here in beautiful sunny Florida. *

Elena K
Sunny Isles Beach, FL

The Machine meets all my investing objectives. It has allowed me to concentrate my limited time on one investing strategy which has performed exactly as promised. I will be a customer of The Machine for a long time into the future. *

I am an individual investor with a full-time job not related to financial services. I have been investing for both myself and family members for 25 years.

Howard Moore

I have been trading the VXX/XIV with SPY Hedge strategy since the beginning of the year and it has more than lived up to my expectations. So far it has generated an astounding 30% return. *

What I particularly value in the strategy is that it is very robust with no optimization and very simple entry and exit rules... Additionally, it provides diversification in the instruments that it trades as these are volatility based, rather than asset based. I am naturally suspicious of any strategy that produces outsized returns but I have confidence in this strategy as there are logical reasons why it works the way it does.

May 2012

All the soldiers keep asking me for signals from The Machine. *

Blessing from Baghdad.

Stationed in Iraq